Coincidences: Chance or Fate? (Part 1)

Every year, 15,000 Australian students flock to the beach town of Victor Harbor for the Schoolies Festival.

This is one of the biggest festivals in Australia where students (aka ‘schoolies’) celebrate completing their final school matric exams over 3 nights of intense partying.

Strangely, a group of over 550 Christian volunteers from churches across South Australia also join them.

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Memorials: An Antidote To Fear (Prayer on the Eve of OSCEs – Part 2)

Continued from The Lord is My Rock (Prayer on the Eve of OSCEs Part 1)

And I write to you 5 months later, overjoyed with praise for God, for by his strength I did end up passing my final third year exams!

Earlier in the year following the death in my family, even passing seemed an insurmountable challenge to me. So with overflowing gratitude and amazement I joyfully report to you Continue reading


My sister passed away suddenly this morning. But she will rise! Come Lord Jesus!

*           *           *

Post-script (2 weeks later):

It is strange how things happen. I had been planning to make a blog for some time to share my Christian journey. When I finally created it one morning (with no posts), literally an hour later, tragedy struck my family. What I wrote above, and in the next few posts was raw and cathartic, unplanned and real. I hadn’t anticipated that the first posts of my writing would be so tragic.

The night my sister died, my family prayed for a miracle. As I knelt next to her and held her hand, I prayed that God would bring her back to life. We fasted food and water and wept and prayed for a miracle, just as King David did for his son.

The rest of our story is here – Is It Wrong To Believe In Miracles?