Lessons from Psychiatry Part 1: How I Balance Faith and Medicine and Exams

As my psychiatry end-of-rotation exams loomed, I felt more unprepared than ever in Medicine.

I had worked hard, but just found this specialty particularly challenging – by far my weakest area.

Unusual circumstances didn’t help the situation. It seemed every time I planned a weekend of study to improve, a pressing issue Continue reading

Memorials: An Antidote To Fear (Prayer on the Eve of OSCEs – Part 2)

Continued from The Lord is My Rock (Prayer on the Eve of OSCEs Part 1)

And I write to you 5 months later, overjoyed with praise for God, for by his strength I did end up passing my final third year exams!

Earlier in the year following the death in my family, even passing seemed an insurmountable challenge to me. So with overflowing gratitude and amazement I joyfully report to you Continue reading