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  1. Happened upon your site searching for verses for son taking SAT tests. Copied articles for friends sons and older son also. Just so happens I am surrounded by sons and my daughter is only 10. Just wanted to encourage you and thank you today. I pray that you have found your elective. I pray that your path although different than you may have imagined opens up to a world of possibilities and excitement you may never have known existed. It has been worked out just continue walking.

  2. Thank you so much for your 75 bible verses that got me through med school article… Those verses really encouraged me and pushes me to go further everytime i have difficulties with my studies. THank you !!!!!

  3. Nathan !!
    Thanks you So Much for writing this article .. it sure helped me alot through the past years med exams and I’m sure they will continoue to encorage me through this year too

    I’ve read most of your posts
    this really engoraged me to have a better relationship with god and to life a life wrthy of the king of my life ..

    Hope you all the best .. THANK YOU SO MUCH

  4. I am encouraged by your post. My daughter is a first year medical student and already feeling overwhelmed by the workload. I have encouraged her to read you blog and the recommended bible verses. Thanks, Great work. Please email her words of encouragement, I that is something you do.

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