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  1. Hi Nathan! I’m also studying medicine but I’m in a pre-med course right now and am also a follower of Christ. Can you please pray and give me encouragement for me to have faith, wisdom, and strength for my medicine career and in remembering to serve God because I also fear on what will happen in my future, whether I could pass and study in a med school for my med proper and if I’m going to fail in my NMAT.

    • Hey Nathan, I’m Deborah from Africa, just came across your website and all I can say wow! Such an encouragement to us fellow med students and not only med students but Belivers aswell. I really thank God for coming across your website because i believe it wasn’t just a coincidence, been having really hard times with med school and this website has just uplifted my faith . I thank God for using you to spread his word. Such a blessing. May the good Lord continue to use you and fulfill your dreams. ๐Ÿ˜Š

    • Hello, Everyone.
      Hello, Nathan.
      I am also a medical student in Nigeria.
      I am a child of God, too.
      These recent days have been really depressing for me. I’ve been preparing for a couple of tests coming up and like you said, it really did take my attention away from God.
      Reading the articles you posted on your blog really blessed me. Thank you so much for being honest in your experiences and walk with God. I really hope you would keep on writing. God bless you so much. I hope and pray that we all continue to walk in line with God’s purpose for us. Thank you, again!!

  2. You’re blog is so helpful. I’m in my 1st year of med school and it is very toxic. I’m so bothered because I may not be able to pass and continue until the end.I haven’t got my style of studying and reviewing. I am still adjusting to the new environment. Please pray for me. I hope to hear good news from you and a reply to my message. Continue to inspire and encourage others! CHEERS! God bless!

  3. Hi Nathan!
    I am so glad to have found your blog ๐Ÿ™‚ ! God has been helping me to understand what it means to “wait” on him. He has been revealing so much to me on my journey to dentistry and I am happy he used you to share your experiences as well. Thank you Doc

  4. Nathan:
    Thank you so much for compiling such thoughtful verses. I am changing careers at midlife and need to take a series of tests to get a teaching certificate. After a 17-year career in marketing, I will now be teaching marketing to high school students. I feel that God has led me down this path. The only thing I have to do is pass these tests to get into a program. While I am very anxious about this, I know that God is with me and the outcome is up to Him. Your verses have helped me to have faith and hope. Thank you again from Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA.

  5. I am very thankful that I found this page. I am about to start medical school but I know that I struggle with giving God my time. I lose faith and often question, will He actually help me with my exams, and will He actually help me get to the top of my class? Not necessarily for pride, but sort of to be a Daniel like figure. Showing that a Christian can succeed with God being His foundation… I guess my prayer request is to just really put my trust and faith in Him that I will find time to spend with him, quality time.

  6. Hi Nathan thank you very much, your blog is very encouraging. I am a first year Pharmacy student. I have prayed so so so much that God will help me not to fail, but I am still failing some courses, and I can only fail so much before I get kicked out of the program. I study really hard, but I do trust God for my success more than anything else, but yet I fail. I am encouraged by your words. I believe that God can turn things around for me for the better and that I can start passing all my courses. I am not even asking for A’s, I just wanna pass. Please remember me in your prayers. Thank you

  7. Hi Nathan!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! .. I am sure God is working wonderfully in your life.. !! ๐Ÿ™‚
    by the way…..I’m a first yr Nursing student from Bohol, Philippines… classmate (a sister in Christ) told me about your blog, (she has a copy of the 75verses in her notebook)
    I would just like to say THANK YOU (so much) …just very inspiring and encouraging !! (in our dialect, MAKADASIG!!!)
    God bless you always!!And continue making you a blessing to others…and strengthen you as you go thru your Med School!!! and your career :)) :DD

    To God be all the glory always! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Hi Nathan!

    I’m a first year medical student and I’m struggling quite a bit. If it’s not too much to ask, can you pray for me? I am trying my best to pass all my classes this Spring semester. Thank you!

  9. Hi Nathan ..Its been a blessing to visit your site and I feel the Lord ministering to me through your words .I have my USMLE step 3 in a month and I am glad I found this compilation of verses to read.Thank you!

  10. I am a nursing student in Texas. I came across your site when I was looking for Bible verses to stand on for my last semester in school.
    We just had our first exam of the semester and I got the worst grade in the class; I was mortified because I had studied for 2 weeks straight. I met with my teacher about my grade and what I did wrong, she told I was studying the wrong material and I needed to focus more on what she has in her notes.
    I thought about what she said and the odds of failing the semester and starting completely over-2 years behind. I was reading my Bible and came across some things I had written down, God shows His greatest Glory in our toughest times and our failures are just a way for Him to show out more and Praise Him.
    I told my teacher I didn’t care what the odds were I was going to do my best to pass because I know I’m here to serve God and His people.
    My teacher wants to meet with me next week to discuss my grade some more, my situation looks bleak and hopeless right now, I do feel peace that God is in control and He always prevails. He did of course create the lady that created the test.
    Thank you for the words of encouragement.

  11. Hi Nathan,
    What a blessing your blog is. Am returning back to Medicine after a 5year break. I have to do some exams before I can start practicing. Thank you so much for the encouragement, I feel so inspired….God bless you and your family

  12. Where are you now on your world trip?
    I came across your blog as a result of a comment that Father Simplicio D’Souza of St Edmunds Church in Beckenham, Kent, UK, made to me this week, as I prepare for my father’s funeral. “The glory of God is a life fully lived” he said after my mother and I described my Dad and the adventurous life he led.
    I’m not religious, but this phrase really resonated with me.
    Curiously the first post I read of your blog was your arrival in Santiago, where I visited in August. Although I’m British I live in Brasil.
    I applaud your travels and wish you all the very best.

  13. Lord bless the journey of all here. Let there be a continual asking for Godโ€™s spirit and let us see the difference between your blessing

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