I’ve come back from depression and have made a song and music video. Shot from 12 countries over 12 months.

18 months ago I was in a bad headspace. The worst part of my day was getting up to go to hospital and the best part was coming home. I was always exhausted and my passion for music stalled. When I finally had a bit of spare time to write or record music, I would sit for hours trying to come up with ideas and achieving nothing. I didn’t know how to create anymore and I didn’t know why. I think I was too burned out, exhausted and cynical to be creative. I felt lost and life felt meaningless to me.

Things got worse so I took a risk and left work for a year, not sure if I would return. I was really scared of the unknown but backpacking around the world and living in a frugal and minimalist way has completely changed my attitudes on life and the world around me. I met people I will never forget and was inspired by the diversity, richness and generosity of humanity all over the world.


I learned a lot about myself and have had time to sleep under the stars in the wilderness and figure out what is meaningful for me and what I want to do with my life, rather than just living the status quo. I also feel closer to God, but also see him differently and in a way that is more profound to me than previously. I see God in the people around me and the beauty of nature and feel much greater love for mankind.

Since coming home, I’ve started a new job that gives me more time to make music regularly and spend time with the people I care about. I’ve written and released an album of music for the first time and continue to feel inspired by the stories of people I meet and the world around me.


This new song is my attempt to capture the nostalgic vibes we feel about the places we have traveled to that have become a part of us. The footage from the music video was filmed from 12 countries over the course of our 12 month journey. The camera held up pretty well on the road, only needing one repair for a damaged shutter from a random camera shop in Shanghai. Best same-day service I’ve ever had!

I hope this music video makes you feel relaxed, nostalgic or hopeful about this world we live in. Today also marks 10 years since I started dating my wife PK and I couldn’t have asked for someone more adventurous, brave, warm or supportive to be my constant travel companion for a whole year. Thanks for sticking with me during hard times.

Never Let Me Go – The Secret Chord (Music Video)

Free download or stream on Spotify, Apple Music etc: http://smarturl.it/neverletme


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