A Realisation Through Hiking Hidden Trails at Mt Lofty (A Short Film)

I’ve been re-discovering the joy of filming.

Making short films brings me back to my childhood when my siblings and I used to make home-movies, just for fun. It was the early 2000s and the digital camera was just starting to take off. We were all still in primary school and had never owned a camera before.

Then one fateful day, a package arrived from our relatives overseas: behold – a second hand, hi-tech 0.5 megapixel point and shoot!

It was bulky and clunky (I think it even stored the footage on floppy disks!) – but none of that matters when you’re a kid. It didn’t take long for summer holidays to become movie making time: everything from sci fi’s and westerns to horror movies and comedic skits.

Childhood Camera

We would do everything: write elaborate scripts, act out the parts (low budget costumes included)… and do our own stunts of course. Afterwards we’d spend countless hours editing our films on iMovie on an early Mac, eventually publishing them to DVD. Unfortunately, no academy awards showed up in the trophy closet!

The Freedom of Childhood Creativity

I miss the creative mindset you have when you’re a child. We didn’t care about frame rates, perfect angles or rendering settings. We let our imaginations run wild. We didn’t focus on our technical limitations; heck, we never even recognised their existence.

When we needed a shot of something exploding for a scene, we’d put on Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, skip forward to the Death Star explosion scene and simply film the TV! In the absence of perfectionism came freedom.

Skip forward ten years and here I am again re-discovering the joys of creating short films as a creative outlet.

Image Credit: Lucasfilm

Image Credit: Lucasfilm

A New Realisation

But this week I realised something new that I hadn’t appreciated as a child. Whilst shooting and editing footage for a short hiking film I’ve been making, a new paradigm suddenly came to me about the creative arts:

God is the true artist and human artists are merely curators of God’s art.

Creation is the portfolio of God.

He created mountains and rivers.

He created people and their stories.

He invented music.

All of creation is his artwork, the “work of his fingers” (Psalm 8:3).

On the other hand, the artists among men are actually curators.

An art gallery curator discovers, selects and showcases a collection of art to inspire and inform and move the hearts of men.

In the same way, the artists among men are actually passionate curators who discover, select and showcase snippets of God’s art, displaying it to the world through photography, film, music,  art, prose, poetry and dance.

Without creation around us, there could be no art.

What we show and express through these mediums is not what we have ‘created’ per se, but what we have curated from creation around us.

We curate, rather than create.

Image Credit http://biblia.com

Image Credit http://biblia.com

A Short Hiking Film

So here’s something that I’ve curated for you –  a short hiking film of hidden trails at Mount Lofty, South Australia; my attempt to showcase the raw beauty of wilderness and the joys of companionship – things that God, the true artist, has created:

Enjoy! – Nathan

(available in 1080p HD – watch in full-screen for BEST video quality)


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