A Song For Those Grieving

When God and blissful sound come together in a song that moves you, something mysterious happens in your soul.

(Have you ever asked yourself why a certain song moves you and what exactly is stirring inside of you?)

Piano music

I listened to such a song by Jonathan David Helser this morning. There aren’t many songs that deal with death and Christianity, let alone with such beauty and raw honesty, both sonically and lyrically. So I thank God for his perfect timing in speaking to me through music that does both, especially in light of my recent experience of losing a loved one.

It’s wonderful that God can use music in healing brokenness.

Amy’s SongJonathan David Helser – Walk Through The Walls

I was awakened last night.
To the sound of dancing feet above me.
I thought they were on my roof.
Till it struck me – they were on golden streets.

Opened my eyes and saw
What I thought was an angel dancing.
She was a perfect child.
She looked at me and smiled – and sang this song.

“Mama can you hear me?
Daddy can you feel me?
I’m made whole.
I’m at home.
I’m dancing on streets of gold.
Don’t stop holding on.”

Her hair was golden
like it was woven from the streets she danced upon.
She was laughing and spinning.
She couldn’t stop singing this song.

“Mama can you hear me?
Daddy can you feel me?
I’m made whole.
I’m at home.
I’m dancing on streets of gold.
Don’t stop holding on.”

This is Amy’s Song
This is Amy’s Song.
From her streets of gold
She is singing you a song.
Singing you a song.
Don’t stop holding on.

Can you see her at His throne
With her hair of gold?
She is holding – holding on
To the threads of His robe.
She is singing you a song
She is singing you a song
She is singing you a song of hope.

“Hope is being born in you
Hope is being woven.

Hope is being born in you
Hope is coming.
Don’t stop holding on.”

6 thoughts on “A Song For Those Grieving

  1. Not many know the musician let alone the song. I was recently at a Hospital, my wife had just laboured for over 23 hours to have our little boy. God came through for us, but I prayed being with her through those hours was hard to see. The fact that my wife gave birth naturally was a miracle. But the next morning another miracle happened. I had got to know the hospital midwives and doctors quite well over the 3 days we were there. And the Midwives and doctors came through in their theatre gear and said awesome guys well done how is the baby of this delivery, thinking all was well. The doctor hung his head & the midwife ran off crying. It was bad, the Baby had died during delivery, it was full term, the mother was in hi care and I was told might not survive. Hearing this hit me hard, that could have been us 2 days before. I left the hospital and was driving home & suddenly I felt God telling me, “David, you were there at exactly the right time when the hospital staff came out, and they told you the story, you need to tell the husband and wife that I have their Baby, he’ll be here waiting for them one day, send them that song by Jonathan David Hesler”. Now i’m not a spiritual person, or one to hear things and have dreams, so this freaked me out to the point I had to pull over.

    I wrote a short note to the husband and wife(who was recovering) and gave them a cd with “Amy’s Song”. So it turned out that they were Christians, and had been asking God for a sign, something about their child, what has happened to their baby boy. Seems God using me was what they were waiting for.

    Nathan, be a Doctor, that doesn’t get numb to the sad things and let God be God in the work that you do. Bless you.

    • Hi David, thanks for your encouragement. That’s a really amazing story – I love those ‘God moments’ in life and it must have been so encouraging to that couple asking for a sign as well. I pray God will speak to you and use you more and more as his instrument!

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