My sister passed away suddenly this morning. But she will rise! Come Lord Jesus!

*           *           *

Post-script (2 weeks later):

It is strange how things happen. I had been planning to make a blog for some time to share my Christian journey. When I finally created it one morning (with no posts), literally an hour later, tragedy struck my family. What I wrote above, and in the next few posts was raw and cathartic, unplanned and real. I hadn’t anticipated that the first posts of my writing would be so tragic.

The night my sister died, my family prayed for a miracle. As I knelt next to her and held her hand, I prayed that God would bring her back to life. We fasted food and water and wept and prayed for a miracle, just as King David did for his son.

The rest of our story is here – Is It Wrong To Believe In Miracles?

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